Fingerprinting & Background Screening Services

PRINTSCAN is a subsidiary of RUBICON Investments. The New York based fingerprinting and background screening company was established in 2001 and is operated by Law Enforcement Officers. PRINTSCAN offers professional live-scan and ink fingerprinting services, background screening solutions, and is a biometric software and hardware provider.

Who We Serve

PRINTSCAN provides fingerprinting and background screening services to everyone around the world. Whether you are a regular civilian, large corporation, or government agency, we have a solution for you.

Government Agencies

National, local, or global. PRINTSCAN offers services, products, and partnerships.

General Public

Fingerprinting and background screening services at a location near you.

Private Sector

Fingerprinting services on site, partnerships, and custom hardware.

New York

PRINTSCAN is one of New York’s most successful fingerprint companies, with decades of experience and rejection rates far below the industry standard of 2%. All PRINTSCAN’S certified fingerprint technicians are vetted and cleared through NYS Department of Criminal Justice, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, TSA, and Homeland Security. PRINTSCAN is also considered a subcontracted FBI Channeler.

Our Mission

To provide a fast, reliable, and high-quality service to all our clients and be the leading fingerprint and background screening service provider in the world.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

PRINTSCAN specializes in flexible, robust, and user-friendly Live Scan fingerprinting systems as well as kiosks and has an in-house software development team to accommodate the ever-evolving Biometric industry.

We have over 1000 locations across the USA.

Our Vision

Our vision is to specialize in flexible, robust , and user-friendly LiveScan fingerprinting systems as well as kiosks and be equipped with an in-house software development and technician team to accommodate the ever-evolving biometric industry.