NEXTVOTE offers groundbreaking technology to help support your Election Management processes. With a seasoned and experienced team of Election experts who have come together to deliver the most advanced Election Management System yet.

NextVote Solutions

Voter Management

The Voter Management Module manages Voters Registration and Enrollment, Voter Application and Roster Management. The De-Duplication feature eliminates duplicate or redundant information.

Geographic Information Systems

The GIS engine empowers Election officials to search for voters on a map, and set various data ranges for data capturing. It includes a powerful ‘draw-in” capability for redistricting, boundary management, and setting polling station locations.

Vote by Mail

The VBM module allows Election Officials to manage the Incoming and Outgoing requests for Vote by Mail, providing an in-depth view of the process with a user-friendly interface.

Candidate Management & Election Configuration

Candidates can register online or in-person, generating a candidate table with all the required information. Election Officials can configure any type of election and their contests. It also allows for the management of Poll workers and Polling stations.

Reporting Tools & Report Management

NEXTVOTE provides Election teams with Reporting tools such as Dashboards and Daily Status Reporting to manage and execute elections effectively.

Petition Management

This module allows for streamlined and accurate verification of candidate and ballot measure petitions. It greatly reduces petition processing time by performing signature comparisons while providing automated reporting.

Our Mission

To be the leading software technology company to automate election processes by innovating with ground-breaking modern technology

About NextVote

NEXTVOTE is a wholly owned subsidiary of RUBICON Investments. The New York based software technology company composed of Global Election specialists provides the best technology to automate Election processes from small to large scale project roll outs.
With a strong focus on data security, reliability and auditability, the system modules are developed to meet customer specific requirements and can be adapted to suite each customers needs.