The most adaptablecost-effectiverugged, and secure product range in the world for government, military, and corporate mobile biometric solutions.

CHAMELEON products are highly configurable with multi-modal biometric and data capture features, for rapid and seamless capture of biometric and biographic information, ideal for all identity registration, authentication, and know-your-customer applications in any environment.

Chameleon Product Range

CHAMELEON is a wholly owned subsidiary of RUBICON INVESTMENTS. The company designs and manufactures the most ADAPTABLE range of rugged devices in the world. These include:

Biometric Handhelds


Biometric Tablets


Desktop Devices



CHAMELEON applications include: Civil ID registration and verification, biometric voter registration, voter verification, law enforcement, driver’s license verification, public security, military, border management, access control, international development & humanitarian aid, banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, transport & logistics, retail, telecoms, education and student enrollment.


The CHAMELEON range provides the customer with choices across a multitude of biometric features including a variety of fingerprint sensor options (single, two-finger, and 442 slap sensors) so that you can align your need with the device of your choice – this is UNIQUE in the market.

Technical Specifications

The product range also includes devices with an Iris Camera, high-spec camera and onboard software for ICAO quality photo capture, and microphone for face and voice recognition. The multiple scanner, card reader and data-capture features include: NFC / RFID contactless smart card reader; IC contact card reader; 1D, 2D & PDF barcode scanner; document scanner; digital signature; multiple interface ports, and communication capability (3G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, GPS) with on- and off-line location-based data capture.
Built with established operating systems (Windows and Android), industry approved processors (Intel & Qualcomm), superior multi-touch HD screens, large internal memory and data storage, the CHAMELEONS allow for seamless data capture for the operator, and secure storage of large biometric and biographic databases for the customer.

Unique Features

The built in, long-life removable, and rechargeable smart battery ensures uninterrupted use and no down time when rolling out large registration and verification programs. The battery system is just another unique feature of the CHAMELEON product range!